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Michele Is Much More 
Than A Psychic!
  • Author
  • Animal Communicator
  • Pet Grief Specialist
  • ​20 Years An Animal Trainer
  • ​Public Speaker

Michele On Global News!

"Michele is the most gifted clairvoyant I have had the honor of experiencing in the past 30+ years; psychics, medicine people, those working in higher spiritual plains have always entered my life.  She is truly amazing… so incredibly helpful."

Warm Regards, Stacey

Michele Has Been Helping People Around The World Connect With Their Pets For 20 Years! 

Hear Her Explain Animal Communication In The Video Below!

A Few Animal Communication Testimonials

"You absolutely nailed it! It’s so fantastic I can’t even tell you how amazing the reading was.
How do you do that???"

Kat M.
About Michele
I have attended hundreds of courses and classes in order to strengthen this strange yet honorable ability and to also learn that I’m not all that crazy.
I have been formally communicating with animals since the year of 2002 and have been madly love with every single moment of it. The only time I do not love it is when the animal gives me information that the human does not follow through with. I feel sad for the animal that the human cannot learn the lesson that is directly in front of them. It’s a bit heartbreaking to me to this very day.

I have to trust that this is the person and the animals’ very own personal journey and my job is simply to be the interpreter not the judge. I truly believe without a doubt that the information that an animal brings forth is the reason that they exist in your lives. 

If you find yourself at this site, I would ask you to trust that you are in good, caring, honest, loving hands and its my pure intention to help the lines of communication between you and your pet be as clear as they can be at this time in your relationship together.


“Thank you Michelle for connecting with our little four legged friends. Living in Calgary and Olds Alberta, it does’t happen very often that we can trek out to the island, however your gift of connecting and having conversation with our Angel and Miso nas been such a blessing and helped us to connect on a deeper level with them as well. You nailed exactly what was going on and cleared up a lot of concerns we had with the health and happiness of these little bugs! We are truly grateful for your service and highly reccommend you to others all the time!!! You ROCK sisa!! Hugs and blessings, “

- Carol Beene


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Animal Communication - 1hr Living Or Passed Pets 
( 1 Pet Per Paid Communication )

Pet Medium Michele Jarvis Wonnacott has personally created a full communication program to be able to answer any questions that you may have concerning your pets well being or for pets who have passed over. She has personally created a full questionnaire to be able to get to the bottom of over 100 different items including:
  • Illnesses
  • Disease
  • Pain
  • ​Deep Fears
  • Likes and Dislikes
  • Wants and Needs
  • Food Intolerances
  • ​Past Life Connections
The communication is not live or in person. Via pictures and or video of you pet along with 8 questions that you email us, Michele conducts the reading, records the reading and sends the video to you. It is very common for Michele to be right on target with veterinarian diagnosis and has saved quiet a few animals lives over the years with her intuitive sills and her healing modalities.
*** This does not replace Veterinarian care and Michele often recommends a full list of vet care after a reading.

Total value: $165.00

Fur-Ever Pricing : $132.00 
( 25% of this goes to Fur-Ever Rescue )

( 1 pet per paid communication )
Live Via Zoom

These sessions are absolutely life changing and grief shifting. Animal communication connection has proven to sooth the minds and hearts of clients both near and far. These sessions are conducted over Zoom live and we record the session so you have it forever.


This allows you to get some emotional clarity about your pets wants & needs & well being before your pet begins their passing journey. Michele has had many clients tell her that this saved their own lives and minds during this highly stressful transition. 


  • What your pet wants and needs from you
  • Who they wish to see before they pass
  • The foods they wish to eat before they pass
  • Messages they have for you or others
  • ​Learn To Notice Signs That Your Pet Is Offering You
  • ​​Acknowledgement
  • How to feel them and notice them when they visit you from the other side ( we have received tons of confirmation from this one)
  • What you can do to help their journey be peaceful
  • ​Energy work that you can provide to your pet
  • ​Confirmation of love to one another


  •  Guilt
  • ​Shame
  • Remorse
  • Pain
  • ​​And then we go on a meditative journey where you get to see and talk to your pet one more time. ( this one even amazes non believers each and every time)

Book Today & Receive A Free E Copy 
Of Michele's Book Published By Hay House!

Total value: $185.00

Fur-Ever Pricing : $148.00
( 25% of this goes to Fur-Ever Rescue )

Human Readings 
3 In 1

3 Readings In One

1. This life right now.

2. Past life reading revealing how those lives affect you now.

3. Information on how to shift, release and heal so you can live your best life now.

Are you confused?

Do you need some guidance that your body, sprit and mind can resonate with?

Do you wonder what you are suppose to be doing with your life?

Do you wonder how you are suppose to get there?

Do you have curiosity about past life reflections in this lifetime?

Are you ready to move forward into your authentic life?

The Life Path readings have been created to give you, the human, a look into your own personal blueprint. Intuitive card readings repeatedly prove to give the recipient a new found curiosity as well as an understanding of deep, personal life purpose.
I myself have been receiving readings from the age of 19 and generally visit one intuitive a year for added clarity, curiosity and fun.
These are conducted live on Zoom and I record the session for you as well so you have it moving forward.

Total value: $125.00

Fur-Ever Pricing: $100.00
( 25% of this goes to Fur-Ever Rescue )

“I am truly amazed at how incredibly accurate and perceptive your communication with Ashley was. There is no way you could have known some of the things you described to me without truly having communicated with her. Before your communication, I was starting to feel frustrated and defeated with Ashley’s situation as it has been difficult to find her a home given her issues. She has been through numerous foster homes due to her dog aggression and we were making very little progress with her in this area.”

- Brenda S Lay

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